Wireless Fence Extra Transmitter


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Expand Your Wireless Fence System. Set up overlapping circular fields to give your pet greater room to roam. Requires use of a PIF-275 Wireless Fence Receiver Collar (sold separately). Features: Covers an adjustable circular area up 1/2 acre (180 feet in diameter). Completely wireless/portable. Locate indoors 2 to 4 feet above ground level. Includes AC Power Adaptor. Transmitter Specs: Height: 9″, Width: 9″, Depth: 8.5″, Rounded front, or barrel shaped, Light gray front, On-Off switch on left, Boundary control dial on face. Frequency: 18 kHz Fuse Type: 250 volt 1/2 amp (inside transmitter) Adapter: Model number: 300-089 (14v A/C 1800 ma) Power indicator light on face (red) High-Low switch on face

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