Upland Hunter DVD Collection Vols. 1-3


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Volume 1 – Find ‘Em and Flush ‘Em. Volume 1 covers introduction to birds and gun, patterning, and hunting in range. (Appr. 20 min.) Volume 2 – Basic Obedience Electronic Collar Training. Volume 2 instructs the viewer how to properly train with low-level stimulation. The basic yard commands of Kennel, Sit, Here and Heel are covered. (Appr. 40 min.) Volume 3 – The Conditioned Retrieve and Steady to Wind and Shot. Volume 3 instructs the viewer in the advanced training methods of developing a reliable retrieve and delivery. Also covered in full are the training methods used to teach a dog to sit on the flush and shot, and not to chase. (Appr. 40 min.)


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