Terra Repitle Bundle Habitat


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Perfectly designed for arboreal species, the habitat can be customized to house a variety of Reptile species. The riser is acrylic and offers perfect viewing into the habitat. It also makes a great place to hang vining, wood and a variety of decor in the unit. The included BioScreen is perfect for Reptile lighting or dividing the habitat into two different zones. Bioscreen made from corrosion-resistant high quality aluminum, creates an ideal habitat top where more ventilation is required and can be used as a divider between levels so that you can keep a variety of species in the same habitat. The Terra Reptile Bundle with Clear Riser base is for land use. Reptile Bundle Includes: Terra Base, 360 degree Acrylic Dome, Cap, Bedding Tray, 8 Riser Clips, 12” Clear Riser with Vented door, and BioScreen. 12” Clear Riser with vented access door Removable bedding tray for easy upkeep BioScreen to hold optional lighting

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