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Spend more time outdoors while setting daily goals and staying up to the date with your dog’s activities. Compare your data with friends and neighbors, along with dog owners all over the country for motivation or bragging rights. Access your dog’s information on the go with an easy to use App that syncs wirelessly through Bluetooth, or to your computer with a USB cable. The StarWalk’s sleek and durable design also houses programmable smart lights that are customizable to your needs. Never miss medication times, grooming appointments, or doggy play dates again with StarWalk alerts that you can set with your smart phone. Maximize safety by turning on a night walking mode for full visibility when walking your dog at night. Regardless of the time of day, you and your dog will stand out with StarWalk. Goals To Keep You Focused: Depending on your dog’s current activity level, you’ll want to set a daily goal in steps, with a higher step goal if you’d like to increase activity. You can check your progress using the StepLight system on the StarWalk, with each light representing 20% of your overall goal. When all 6 StepLights are light up, it means your dog has reached or exceeded that day’s goal. StarWalk keeps track of: total steps, calories burned, active time, activity type, distance traveled, and temperature. More Than Just Pretty Lights: Most importantly, the StarWalk works with your dog around your schedule. After a long day at the office, a twice daily planned walk often happens after dusk. The night walk feature remembers how important visibility is to you and your dog’s safety at night. A customizable color option is just an added bonus. The StarLight increase visibility for evening stroll and notifies you of important alerts. The StepLight displays goal progress in 20% increments and idle alerts during the day. Goes Where Your Dog Goes: The StarWalk attaches to most dog collars you already own using a universal bracket attachment. Install the bracket on your dog collar and you’re good to go. The StarWalk is hypoallergenic and waterproof. A simple push tab releases the unit from the collar. Connecting You To Your Dog: Remote control the StarWalk using the downloadable application made for many Apple and Android devices. The StarWalk connects to your smartphone using low energy Bluetooth 4.0 where you can check and set goals, create alerts to remind you of heartworm medication schedules or doggy play dates, change the StarLight colors, and more! Connect the StarWalk to your computer for detailed activity reports. The StarWalk application gives you detailed information on your dog’s daily activity along with other dogs. You’ll also have access to alerts and device controls to change light colors, turn on/off night walk, and check battery life. Schedule It In: Set important dog alerts on the StarWalk app to stay on top of important dates and medication times. When an alert goes off, your dog will greet you with a flashing StarWalk. You’ll also receive notifications on your smartphone, like your dog is texting you. Not All Activity Is Equal: The StarWalk measures your dog’s daily activity by rest, walk, and play. Rest is minimal to no activity, walk is medium paced movement, and play represents intense activity. Your dog’s activity data is provided in 2 hour increments that can be viewed by day, week, month, or year, so you and your vet will always have a good grasp of your dog’s activity. We’re In It Together: Use StarWalk’s peer comparison as a measuring stick and you’ll know if you need to make extra effort or if you can take a moment to relax. Because every dog is different, you can set the comparison with other dogs by age, weight, location, and more. Compatible with Apple iOS 7.0 and above or Android 4.3 and above Up to 4 days of battery life Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery Weight: 17 g IPX7 Waterproof

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