Sporting Dog Soft Mouth Trainer Dummy


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D.T. Systems’ dummies are made with softer, more pliable plastic materials which give them the soft, supple feel of a real bird’s body. D.T. Systems’ exclusive, non-slip, patent pending S Grip Technology design make these dummies the most advanced and easy to use training tool available. With the S Grip design, the dog’s eye teeth lock firmly into the curves of the dummy’s exclusive patterns. The advanced design prevents slipping when a dog is grabbing or gripping and lets him use less downward pressure. The D.T. Systems’ Soft-Mouth Trainer teaches your dog, over time, to use a softer, gentler grip. The Soft-Mouth Trainer also has a specially designed adjustable pressure valve system which won’t pull out or let water leak in like other brands. Our easy to use, needle style valve allows the handler to quickly let air pressure in or out to the make the dummy harder or softer or even to flatten the middle for more customized training. The Soft-Mouth Trainer is the most versatile and effective training tool available on the market today. This product will help you train like the professionals. Your dog will learn to use a softer, gentler grip and the transition to retrieving real birds will be even easier. Patent pending S Grip technology for easier gripping and holding Softer, more pliable plastic gives the New Soft-Mouth Trainer the feeling of a real bird’s body when retrieving. Trains your dog to naturally hold with a gentler grip Adjustable pressure valve system allows handler to make the dummy softer or firmer for customized training Excellent for water training or field use

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