Remote Pet Cage Door Opener Double Latch


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The Easy Out works on wire pet crates and pens with basic lateral motion door latches that require no lifting or squeezing to unlock. It may also be adapted to many other applications with lateral motion latches. Please review videos and installation and operation guide prior to purchase. The EasyOut allows you to open your pet’s crate from several floors or up to 50 yards away with the simple push of a button on a small remote control. Upon pushing the button your pet will immediately nudge the door open and come directly to you. The EasyOut is the only product on the market that allows the user to release their pet from his/her crate remotely. There are other products available that allow the pet to pass through a door flap while keeping other animals locked outside, but those serve a different purpose. The intent of the EasyOut is to allow the master to control when their pet comes out of its crate. For example, when a pet is being crate trained and stays in its crate for short periods during the day, or at night, etc., the owner can use the EasyOut to easily release them from several floors away upon waking, from their car upon arriving home from work, from inside without going out in the rain, etc. The inventor originally used it every morning to release his puppy from its crate 2 floors below the bedroom when he woke up, and now he uses it every day to release his 2 dogs from their crate/pen when he returns home from work, plus each night after dinner, and sometimes still in the morning, without ever having to walk downstairs to where the crate and pen are. This results in drama free work days, peaceful dinners, and restful nights, followed by happy play times immediately upon pressing the remote control button, with no travel up or down stairs or outside in the cold/rain as was required prior to the EasyOut. Pushing the remote button unlatches the door and allows any size dog or puppy to push it open. Regular manual operation of the latch is not affected, so you can still open/close it by hand whenever desired. Great long term value; with a one time affordable purchase you and your pet benefit every day, year after year! The opener is about the size of a deck of cards, and is easy to install and its 4 AA batteries come pre-installed so it works right out of the box! It presently works with standard wire crates and exercise pens, and is planned for interior doors, chain link kennels, and door flaps.


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