Pet Oasis Replacement Filter


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The first layer consists of a mesh filter to trap solids. The second layer has small ceramic balls which effectively filter out heavy metals from the water. This is the primary layer, which enables the water to be more bioactive and hence precipitate the dissolved solids while passing through the activated carbon layer. The third layer also consists of a mesh filter to trap small solids. The fourth layer has activated carbon filter elements with silver ions to enable reduction of chlorine and remove any odors. This layer also enables precipitation of dissolved solids. The fifth layer has another mesh filter that traps smaller solids. The sixth layer has stone filter element to trap all precipitated solids and solids from entering the filter from the inlet. The water is clean when it exits from this element. The seventh layer has a mesh filter to trap the smallest solids. And the eighth layer is a secondary layer of large ceramic balls to enable the water to be more bioactive after the activated carbon layer and stone filter has have done their functions. The water passing through this layer makes the water bioactive and with the air pumped along with the water increases the oxygen content and hence makes the water taste better and healthier. This reduces the formation of algae and keeps the water fresh. These balls also contain the same elements as in layer 2. A unique 8-layer filter used in the Auto Pet waterer to ensure that the pet gets fully distilled and clear water to drink every time it drinks. The water from the bowl passes to the filter to remove all impurities like pet saliva, fur and other pollution found in the water. The water that passes out of the filter is crystal clear and free from impurities and odors. The Filter comes in a pack of two.


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