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Every dog needs exercise, but some of our smaller breeds have a tough time grabbing our thick knotted rope. The Tug is the same pole and in-ground base as the original Tether Tug, but with a braided fleece toy to allow for easier grabbing and pulling without hurting delicate teeth. Small breeds can be prone to hyper-activity and anxiety when not allowed enough exercise, keep them healthy with a great outdoor dog toy! Pole still bends and flexes for small dogs and gives exciting, engaging play. More than just another dog toy – Tether Tug is dedicated to promoting healthy physical and mental play for dogs of all activity level. We recognize that pets are an important member of any family and it is our goal to keep them healthy and happy. Cardiovascular Health – dogs, like humans, are at risk for health complications if they do not get enough physical activity. The Tether Tug allows dogs to play whenever they want and provides hours of healthy exercise. Play for dogs of all sizes – the Tether Tug is designed to be played with by dogs of any size. The durable construction is sturdy enough for big dogs, but adjustable to allow play for the smaller breeds. Hours of outdoor play – dogs crave play and interaction, and when this can’t happen, destructive behavior can begin. The Tether Tug allows the dog to interact as if it is playing tug with you, without the arm and shoulder pain or fatigue that causes owners to only pull for a few minutes. The Puppy/Mini Tug is designed for dogs under 15lbs. The toy comes with a 55″ Tether Tug pole, an in-ground base that allows the tug to remain firmly in the ground and be removed when needed, and a knotted rope toy with a “quick connector” to allow for easy changing of toys when needed. Flexible construction allows toy to turn, bend, and stretch during play.

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