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For eye protection or fashion, ask for it by name. Dogs need UV protection just as humans do, and if your dog is out and about with you, and you have your sunglasses on, your dog should be wearing Doggles to protect its eyes from harmful UV rays as well.Your dog can’t tell you his eyes hurt. Be proactive and help your dog help its own eyes. Doggles are worn by working dogs all over the world: K9 Units, Border Patrol dogs, Search and Rescue, are just some of them. Doggles are recommended by Vet Ophthalmologists to protect their patients in all types of situations and also after some types of eye surgery. Extra wide nose bridge Deep lens cup Padded and flexible rubber frame Soft elastic adjustable head and chin straps Dog Size: 50 – 100 lbs, Head Strap and Frame: 18 – 30 inches, Chin Strap: 6 – 15 inches

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