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The SportDOG Brand Launcher system lets you remotely control the launch of birds or training dummies from up to 1/2-mile away. The Transmitter sends a signal to the Receiver, which is used with the SportDOG Launcher Basket, and can also be fitted to most brands of bird launchers or throwers. The system helps you train retrievers to remain steady and mark falling birds. It’s also great for training pointing dogs to reinforce steadiness when a bird flushes. In Normal Mode, the Transmitter can control up to 4 Receivers, and each Receiver can control up to 9 devices, using SportDOG cables, for a total of 36 possible devices. In Expanded Mode, the Transmitter can control up to 36 independent Receivers. To add realism to training situations, the Transmitter can signal the Receiver to emit the sound of a duck quack, pheasant cackle, or shotgun report. By altering distances between the Transmitter and Receiver(s) and tailoring the sounds to the training situation, the system provides you countless options for training your dogs for everything from hunting to hunt tests to field trials. Contents: basket, transmitter, receiver, adapter and operating guide. Launches dummies or birds to simulate real hunting situations Duck, pheasant, and shotgun report sounds available 2 modes of operation Controls up to 9 launchers or wingers Expandable up to 36 receivers

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