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Prior to the K9 shower there was no easy and effective way to rinse mud, sand or dirt off your dog before loading them into your vehicle. The K9 shower allows you to bring 2.2 gallons of warm water to thoroughly rinse your dog after hiking, or after a trip to the dog park, beach or other adventure. The shower hangs from a car window, and gravity-feeds warm water through a six-foot hose and shower head to clean paws, legs, chest or entire body. Dry your dog and load a clean, dry dog into your car. Arrive home with both a clean car and a clean dog. The K9 shower is also designed to be used at home. The shower can be mounted (bracket provided) at any entry way to your home, providing warm water when you bring a dirty dog in from the back yard or home from a walk. Dry the dog and the job is done before the dog crosses the threshold. Additionally, the K9 Shower is a convenient solution for cooling down active dogs on a hot day, such as during agility events where there is not always a source of water. How It Works: If your adventure involves transporting your dog in your car, then the K9 Shower rides along with you. It’s watertight for transportation. When you and your dog have had your fun and Fido shows the evidence with dirty paws or worse, it’s time to position the K9 Shower. Lower any car window about an inch or more and rest the shower on the open window with the integrated hooks on the shower tank. Unwrap the 6′ of hose, slide the shower head into the “on” position and water will flow under gravity pressure. You can control the flow of water with only one hand by switching the shower head “on” or “off”. There is a healthy flow of water, enough to be able to point the shower head directly up (to clean chest/belly) and have water fountain up about eight inches. If your adventure is an out-and-back on foot from your house, the K9 Shower is the perfect solution as well. The K9 Shower comes with a mounting bracket that allows you to hang the shower from a deck railing, exterior wall, interior wall or anywhere that’s convenient for cleaning at the entry point to your home. Again, fill the K9 Shower with warm water before leaving the house, hang it on the mounting bracket, and when you and Fido return from the on-foot/paw adventure, you have plenty of warm water waiting. Clean and dry your dog before Fido crosses the threshold. Forget about hassling with the hose and treat your dog to a pleasantly warm clean-up instead! Fully portable Flow control nozzle Six feet of hose for use on any vehicle Integrated hooks for hanging on car window or on bracket 2.2 gallon capacity

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