Drinkwell Zen Steel Fountain


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This stainless steel fountain features an extra-wide patented free-falling stream that draws oxygen into the water, making it more appealing to drink from. A 3-layer charcoal filter removes bad tastes and odors from the water. The constant circulation of the water inhibits bacteria growth between cleanings. The drinking bowl features hygienic stainless steel for easy cleaning and a large drinking area perfect for dogs and cats of all sizes. Features: Receiving ramp reduces sound and splash of falling water. Low-voltage, 12V submersible pump for safe, quiet operation. Dishwasher safe (excluding pump). BPA Free and UL Listed. Use PAC00-13067 Drinkwell Replacement Filters 3 pack. 1 gallon (128 oz) water capacity Patented free-falling stream entices pets to drink more Wide stainless steel bowl is easy to drink out of Replaceable charcoal filter removes bad tastes and odors For indoor use only

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