Chameleon Cantina


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The chameleon cantina is a great place where chameleons can eat, drink and be cared for. It includes vented cap, dome for crystal clear 360 degree viewing, light screen designed to hold custom lighting for reptiles, 8 Bioclips to secure the dome and riser together, Cantina riser- a clean, non-glass flexible riser with magnetic easy access screen door, drinking fountain bridge – holds the drinking fountain inside the cantina and provides a walkway, Cantina dome and base – made of crystal clear acrylic dome holds water or substrates. The décor includes attachable vines with leaves to create your own custom environment. The base allows the habitat to sit securely on the floor or on a table. Can be configured as a hanging or standing habitat. 30” tall with ample interior space Clear flexible riser with magnetic screen door Drinking fountain fits right inside

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