Basic Contain N Train System 18 Gauge Wire


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Create a buried wire perimeter up to 5 acres in size to give your dog the freedom to roam. The water-resistant collar works with both the fencing signal and your remote control. For training, take your dog to the park, attach his collar, and operate the remote up to 150 yards away. Just add your training patience! Features: Early warning tone: alerts your dog he is about to get corrected if he doesn’t go back. Run-through protection: correction gets progressively stronger as dog approaches boundary. Collar box measures 2.125″ x 1.75″ x 1.375″; weighs 5.2 oz. w/battery and strap. Frequency – in-ground transmitter: 8.192 kHz. Frequency – handheld transmitter: 27 MHz. Item Includes: Collar receiver, water-resistant with adjustable nylon collar strap, fencing transmitter, to be wall-mounted indoors, 500-foot, 18-gauge, burial-approved wire and splices, training flags and compact, handheld transmitter (handles one dog). Contains up to 5 acres (with additional wire and flag purchase) Handheld remote has 4 stimulation levels; plus Good Dog and Bad Dog tone training Remote training up to 150 yard range Add a 2nd dog to your system with SD-3125 Extra Fencing Collar. Anti-Linger prevents a dog from lingering in the warning zone area and draining the battery


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